About Us


RTS Established
Original AirRobo launched
I.S. PSU + MetCoAir MK I Launched
Dust Suppression water valve unit launched
Reque Room System launched
MetCoAir MK IV

Flagship product with Multi-gas detection, 8 detector system. First to comply to SANS 1515.2

Africa launch

Starting with 1st mine in Botswana

BBEEE Empowerment

RTS expands further with establishment of 1st BBEEE company, RTSE

AirRobo MKII

Plus surprise launch for next year

BBEEE Status

RTSE is proud to be a Level II BBBEE qualifying company with 49% black-owned woman. Babalwa Mditshwa has an Electrical Engineering degree, with a post graduate in Project Management. Her vast experience and qualifications are a great asset to the company.

Together we are dedicated to leading by example on the topic of SA partnerships that enrich empowerment.

International Quality Standard

Quality by nature

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a standard that sets out the requirements for a quality management system. The standard is designed as a framework to help guide an organisation towards continual improvement and an increase in customer satisfaction. RTSE proudly operates under current certification of this global standard.

More than 12,500 AirRobo units sold and installed

Thousands of customers can't be wrong. Let's chat about your needs.