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Rescue Room Equipment

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Batter and Fan Control Box

This Unit is an intelligent Battery Back-up Supply for the Fan and Emergency light,
Located inside the Rescue Room.

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Resque Bay Alarm

This unit is a Resque Room Audio/Visual aid in case of emergency. It flashes and sounds when triggered to indicate safe passage to then nearest resque bay. As an added confidence booster, it flashes a bright green light when mains are connected and bright 
red mains power has failed.

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Resque Room Fresh Air Fan

This Unit clamps onto the Borehole pipe inside the Resque Room and when
powered, it forces clean air from surface to the inside of the Resque Room. This
rugged air intake Fan soon fills the entire Resque Room with clean air.

Intrinsically Safe Equipment

Explore our range of custom designed equipment for use in hazardous areas underground  

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Conveyor Belt Equipment

Take a look at our dust suppression and proximity detection units.

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Environmental Monitoring

Ensure consistent airflow in all major underground traffic areas by continuously measuring for positive airflow and alerting staff when airflow drops below safe levels 

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International Standards Compliant

ISO 9001 is a standard that sets out the requirements for a quality management system. The standard is designed as a framework to help guide an organisation towards continual improvement and an increase in customer satisfaction. RTSE proudly operates under current certification of this global standard.

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